Lace em up...

Lace em up...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Injuries, leggings, weddings and gains...

Boots and Chambray dress from Reitman's
George leggings from Walmart

The past week has been disappointing to say the least. My training has been stalled. I've completely injured my right shoulder/rotator cuff and doing anything that involves shoulders and back is pretty much impossible right now. And on Monday, I seriously strained my right glute while training with Tony. It's just starting to feel well enough to head back to the gym. So I only trained Monday and Thursday of last week. I head back to the gym today. I'm totally bummed about the shoulder injury. Back and shoulders is what I need to focus on the most. And I can't start boxing until this is resolved. I start physio this week.

Wanna know what I spend most of my days in? Leggings. So fecken comfortable. Trying to come up with office appropriate outfits for leggings is a fun challenge. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I've tried several different brands and the ones that fit me best are George leggings from Walmart. Comfy and cheap. And I've been looking at the sales on boots right now. Awesome deals. Although I can fit into most normal width tall boots, there are some brands that are of smaller circumference. Those I can't do. You know, big calf muscle probs:-(

Dress is from GonChas
Cuff and earrings from Stella and Dot
Lilith is from Brantford...

My younger sister is getting married in August. So I've completely bitten the bullet and ordered that dress on the left in black to wear to her nuptuals. Call me delusional, but I see that and think of how much work I have ahead of me to do that dress justice. I cannot wear Spanx under that! Motivates me for sure. I've also ordered some Stella and Dot jewellery to go with it. LOVE the intricate detail of that cuff and the matching chandelier earrings. I'm matching the dress with strappy gold sandals and a sloppy up-do and that is my outfit.

The wedding is a casual affair at a bed and breakfast in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I spent Friday night with my sister and we talked about wedding plans and she showed me her wedding purchases thus far. This is exciting. I've not been to a wedding in years and I'm excited to start dress shopping with her soon. She's buying off the rack. My specialty:-) My dress has been ordered on-line through one of those possibly shady sites. I may or may not ever receive the dress. If not, I'll find something equally revealing to keep the workout motivation high. Queen Steet West in Toronto always has good options.

Six months difference and a 7 pound weight gain...

I posted the pic on the right in my last blog post. I found the pic on the left from July 3rd of 2015. That was taken 3 weeks after I began working with Tony. I showed him this comparison photo and he punched my shoulder and said, "See? I told you that you weren't gaining fat!" Then he gloated. And why shouldn't he? I'm a product of his direction. I get so fucked up from the scale that it's not even funny. I'm glad I take so many pics of myself because then I have comparisons like this to confirm to me that regardless of what the scale says, I am making gains.

My body shape is changing. I have pants in my closet that I could comfortably wear in the spring/summer that are too tight in my legs and bum. Do I keep them or purge them? If I keep them it means I'm thinking I might fit into them again one day. But I think I'm going to spend the day trying on all my clothes and getting rid of things that don't fit me comfortably anymore. I need to accept the changes in my body and move forward from here. The Diabetes Foundation is going to be in my neighbourhood on February 1. I'm going to have clothing for them to pick up. Who knows what my body will look like in a year from now. One thing I know for certain is that I will be stronger. And strong is my goal. Skinny is not. I will never strive to be skinny. It's just not in my body composition to be skinny. I'm curvy and I like my curves. I'll definitely be getting rid of the size 6 jeans (the only size 6 jeans I ever owned) I wore last spring for sure, and that's okay...


  1. Suzy's has some sweaters that with leggings will be office appropriate. Won't break the bank too. I love mine!

  2. I'm glad I checked today to see if you were back. I'm so happy to hear about what you've been doing. The dress is fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of you wearing it.

    Hope the injuries heal fast. :)